About Us

Black Café

Black Café – first and the one and only place in Batumi with exclusive black menu (burgers, pizza, pasta, khachapuri). Very nice atmosphere, comfortable place, responsive staff and special kitchen style.

How we do black food? Simple answer. We add «cuttlefish ink» (nero)!

Since ancient times, cuttlefish is used for cooking. Ink of cuttlefish change the color of the ready dish to a darker, even black.

Properties of Cuttlefish Ink

One hundred grams of the product contain about 80 calories. Of these, more than 80% are proteins, about 8% fat and 4% carbohydrates. In ink, as in the meat of the mollusc itself, contains a number of vitamins, useful amino acids, micro- and macro elements that are useful for human health. They stimulate metabolic processes, lower the level of cholesterol in the body and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Use of Cuttlefish ink

Ink of cuttlefish helps in the treatment of such diseases as herpetic eruptions, hemorrhoidal changes and bronchitis, skin diseases and indigestion. They also help to adjust the menstrual cycle, cope with climacteric changes (tides) occurring in the body of women, are used in the complex therapy of gynecological diseases, enhance libido. Ink can restore the emotional background, extinguish anxiety, tearfulness, hysteria and irritability, restore strength and relieve the pulsating headache.

Application of Cuttlefish Ink In cooking

Ink is now used as a natural food coloring and flavoring for cooking risotto, paella and pasta, with sauces and even baking, such as bakery products. This product has also medicinal properties, which are widely used in medicine. On their basis, drugs are prepared for the treatment of neurotic states, excitability and increased nervousness. Also, ink is used to make homeopathic remedies used to treat uterine diseases, gonorrhea, prolapse of the rectum.

Harm of Cuttlefish Ink

Contraindication for the use of ink cuttlefish in food is an allergic reaction to the seafood.